John Doe was a test account by ROBLOX founder, David Baszucki and co-founder Erik Cassel in 2005, although his join date are listed as February 27, 2006. The name John Doe refers to an anonymous male. John Doe's user ID is #2. He is also related to Jane Doe, another test account by ROBLOX.

During the early phases of ROBLOX, John Doe was used by the administrators of ROBLOX to accompany users playing ROBLOX. When somebody entered a game, the administrators would cease their current work and join the player's game. John Doe was last online on March 18, 2016 at 6:04 PM, Before this, John Doe and Jane Doe were last seen online February 27, 2006 at 3:06 PM (when ROBLOX officially left the alpha testing stage). Many ROBLOXians speculate that these accounts were accessed by password guessers.


  • Friends: 0
  • Followers: 211K+
  • Place Visits: 0
  • Forum Posts: 0
  • Profile Views: Probably around 2B+

Rumors & Mysteries

  • Despite not having logged on to ROBLOX since 2006, John Doe and Jane Doe possessed user badges that were created in 2012 and accepted friend requests from users who joined in 2008. CloneTrooper1019 created a video addressing how John Doe received badges from his place because of a bug in the ROBLOX client that allowed users to receive badges without playing a game.
  • BADGRAPHIX created a video explaining why John Doe was able to follow him. Like with the player badges, a bug in the ROBLOX web client allowed players to become friends with another player without them mutually agreeing to friendship.
  • On March 2017, several players started a rumor that John Doe and Jane Doe will hack ROBLOX on March 18, which caused massive panic all over the game and site itself. It turns out to be false later. ROBLOX then myth-busts the rumor in a blog post, and updated John Doe and Jane Doe's appearance and clearing their friends list. and in 2018 people were idiots and thought he was a hacker but he was just a test account.
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